C.M.S. - Content Management Solutions
We create Content Management Solution (CMS) websites or Intranets that will connect to your data and produce very functional and powerful sites based on your business needs.
Global Web Design and Technology Solutions provide business, marketing and technology consulting services for many of our clients.  We look forward to serving you based on your business needs.
crm.pngC.R.M. - Customer Relationship Management & Sales
We offer the Pipedrive CRM and will assist you with all your Customer Relationship Sales and Management needs.  If you have pre-sales questions, please call 763-225-3155 or Email Sales.
cloud-database.pngDatabase Solutions In The Cloud
We have partnered with Ninox to bring you excellent Cloud Database Solutions. You can choose to build and manage your own database solutions in the cloud or you can utilize our expertise and services to build and manage everything for you.  We can also create a custom CRM for you as well.
domain-name-system.pngDomain Purchasing & Premium Domain Names
We offer a wide range of services to meet every type of need including branded premium domain names.  You can purchase our premium domains as branded or unbranded domain names.
Global Web Design and Technology Solutions will create, design and train you on using your new robust E-Commerce website.  Whether you need a new site or need to update your existing site and need to have a better and easier solution, we can help!
email-marketing.pngEmail Marketing
Global Web Design and Technology Solutions has now partnered with Constant Contact and we are a full e-mail marketing service provider.  We provide you with flexible options to provide you with all the tools and let you manage all of your email marketing campaigns yourself, or we can manage everything for you including template design.  We look forward to discussing all of your business email marketing needs with you.
graphic-design.pngGraphic Design
We have experienced graphic design professionals ready to take on your project.  Whether you need a logo, graphics design, or layout design for digital, print or web - we can help!
logo-design.pngLogo Design
We produce quality logos and graphics based on your business needs.  If you have questions please call 763-225-3155 or email Sales.
Microsoft Azure
Turn ideas into solutions with more than 100 services to build, deploy, and manage applications—in the cloud, on-premises, and at the edge—using the tools and frameworks of your choice.
microsoft-sharepoint2.pngMicrosoft Office 365
We Will Setup, Configure, Administer and Support Your Office 365 Solutions.  Complete, integrated solutions designed for small business. 
We can either just provide Microsoft Office 365 to you and your organization or we can provide services to setup, configure, administer and support your Office 365 implementation.  
Get More Done and Work Better Together. Build Your Business and Safeguard Your Data.  We Simplify Everything For You With Software Backed By Microsoft.
microsoft-sharepoint2.pngMobile Intelligent Intranet - Microsoft SharePoint
Your Company Intranet To Help You Organize, Manage and Provide Resources For Your Business, Staff, Customers and More! Share and manage content, knowledge, and applications to empower
teamwork, quickly find information, and seamlessly collaborate across the organization.

socialmediamarketing.pngSocial Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing Just Got A Makeover...  Increase brand recognition, loyalty and engage with a broader audience. You will spend more of your time closing new business instead of trying to figure out social media strategies on your own. Check out our new AI Social Media Marketing solution whether you want to manage your social media marketing yourself or have Global Web Design and Technology Solutions manage everything for you.

printing-shop.pngPrint Center Online

Visit our Online Print Center in our store and get all your marketing, print, promotional products and more.  Become a member and get a discount on products.  You also get your own FREE Marketing Consultant when making purchases.  We also have pre-sales support, so if you need assistance prior to making your purchase, please reach out.
technicalsupporticon.png Support - Business & Technical
We offer business and technical support plans based on your business needs.  You can purchase hourly packages or purchase a monthly subscription package.
videoicon.jpgVideo Design
We create awesome videos to promote you, your organization, product(s) or service(s). We create videos that make sense for your organization. We look forward to serving all of you business video design needs.
webroot.jpgWebroot Integrated Cybersecurity Solutions
Webroot’s suite of predictive, next-generation cybersecurity solutions can help you eliminate the security gaps your business or clients face.
The integrated security portfolio covers endpoint and DNS protection, as well as phishing simulations and cybersecurity awareness training for end users. 
By leveraging real-time, fully cloud-based threat intelligence, machine learning, and predictive analysis, Webroot solutions combine technical and human defenses to automatically stop sophisticated, multi-level attacks. 
webdesignicon.jpegWebsite Design
Whether you need a simple or more complex website, we can help.  We will walk through the process in creating a beautiful and functional website design.
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