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We have a Do-It-Yourself Package as well as a Full Service Package.

Become A Digital Marketing Services client and get access to your very own client dashboard whether you are choosing

a Do-It-Yourself option or having us manage everything. 


The Do-It-Yourself package involves you learning the tools, and taking the time to set everything up, create the content, manage posts, campaigns - manage everything yourself.  We do have a support package available to purchase in case you get stuck and need our help or simply want training or help getting up and running. 

Get the Do-It-Yourself Pro Version option for only $49/monthly without support.  You can add support when you purchase by choosing the support add-on package with your purchase.  Get the Do-It-Yourself Pro Version option with support (up to 4 hours each month) for only $99/month.

The Full Service Package is where we manage everything for you!
If you are looking for full service social media marketing, please contact us or go to one of the packages below.  Or you may schedule a meeting with a Social Media Marketing Expert below. We look forward to discussing your business, social media marketing needs and can customize the perfect affordable package based on your needs.  We work with start-ups, small to medium sized businesses and beyond.  Gets the full service package for up to 2 social media marketing campaigns for only $149/monthly and we take care of everything for you.  Need more than 2 social media marketing campaigns. no problem.  Just add the number of social media marketing campaigns needed to the quantity - sold in quantities of 2 campaigns.  Need specialized or individual campaign pricing, just give us a call.  We will do our best to accommodate your business needs.

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We offer full service social media marketing services where we manage everything for you each and every month.

To be successful on social media you need to post a nonstop stream of relevant content and engage with customers across all social channels.  That is where we come in.

We will generate leads, post ready-to-publish content, and allow you to collaborate with your clients. Our services makes managing social media simple.

We will provide the following:

  • Post to Facebook
  • Post to Google My Business
  • Post to Twitter
  • Post to Instagram
  • Post to LinkedIn
  • Immediate postings if needed
  • Scheduling Posts over the course of each entire month
  • Create and draft all your posts
  • Post Performance Analytics
  • Social Audience Analytics
  • Link tracking
  • Customer Posts
  • Social Media Marketing lead generation 

We can also connect with your followers and save you time by responding to your customers, share ready-to-post content, and build stronger social relationships with followers on your behalf.

We will discover new leads on Twitter and engage with them so that you can take over those leads as we forward them over to you.






Get the Express Do-It-Yourself Version for only $9.99/month

Get the Pro Do-It-Yourself Version for only $49.00/month

Get the full service add-on for only $149.00/month (requires the pro version)






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