GWD GetSocial Traffic Booster

GWD GetSocial Traffic Booster

There’s no better website traffic than free traffic and getting visitors to share content is the best way to do it! GetSocial provides a solution to increase social traffic and followers and identify which articles and products are generating the most interest.

About twice a year, social networks like Facebook tend to reduce the organic reach of posts on company pages. And sharing and social usage have changed drastically in the past few years. Did you know that 80% of social sharing is done via copy paste and private messaging?

With our product and services, you'll be able to track these actions in real-time, fully understand how your audience shares content and create reports. You will be able to track dark social and private messaging shares and identify viral content on your website.

You can choose to do everything yourself or you can use our full service offering

And we will take care of everything for you.




  • Increase website traffic with responsive social share and follow buttons for 30+ networks. And grow your email list with our subscriber pop-ups. 
  • Invest only on content and products that guarantee results by knowing how many shares and traffic you are generating—even on private "dark social" channels.
  • Reduce cost per click on social campaigns by understanding which social channels are bringing more traffic and engagement.
  • Receive alerts on Email or Slack when the engagement on a given page reaches your alert criteria, such as number of shares, virality score, social traffic and share rate.
  • There is no negative impact on website performance and you completely own all of the data.









What is the installation process for Social Tools and Analytics?


The installation process is the same as with Google Analytics:

  1. Install the provided code in the section of the website's pages. Some website platforms allow injecting the code automatically by adding it to the website template. Alternatively, you can use tools such as Google Tag Manager to insert that code into the whole website.
  2. After the code is properly installed, click on the Verify button.
  3. Once the code is verified, you should activate the tools you want. We recommend the Floating Total Shares, Mobile Share Bar, and the Copy and Paste Share Tracking to cover 100% of the social interactions.
  4. With the tools active, the software will start to collect data to feed the analytics. The analytics should show information after an hour, assuming the website has traffic.


What type of businesses does this product work well for?

Any business that wants to drive traffic to the website by creating content. The more a company invests in content marketing and social media, the more valuable these tools are for them.


Can this app be integrated onto a WordPress site?

Yes, if you are using, the JavaScript code library or the HTML code of the widgets can be added in the template file of the WordPress theme.


What kind of data is tracked by the analytics?

Social Tools and Analytics can track all the social traffic and interactions happening on a website: Shares made through the social buttons and by copy-pasting the URL and the traffic resulting from those shares. However, no personal data is tracked, so this solution can be safely used on privacy-sensitive websites, such as healthcare businesses.



Are the social tools relevant for mobile devices?

Yes! We have tools specifically for mobile: the Mobile Share Bar and the Mobile Follow Bar. These tools only appear on Mobile devices while all the others only appear on Desktops. The pop-ups and Welcome/Subscriber bars are responsive.


True or False: Changing the share buttons will make the pages lose the social shares?

Short answer: No.

Long answer: The counters from almost all social share buttons fetch the share count from the social networks themselves. Example: For the page, the counters are going to ask Facebook how many social interactions this link had on the platform. Then, it's going to repeat the process for all other networks and display the correct number.

As such, all social buttons should show a very similar number of shares.


What Social Networks are tracked?

We provide share buttons for more than 30 social networks and instant messaging apps, which includes Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Pinterest, etc. We track shares and traffic from all of those networks and more. A full list of supported networks can be found in the documentation file "Supported Networks".


What are the country and language parameters?

There are no restrictions on country or language for GetSocial!


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