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We have partnered with Ninox to bring you excellent Cloud Database Solutions
You can choose to build and manage your own database solutions in the cloud 
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Quickly arrange forms, charts and reports just by drag & drop.  
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All your data in a central, smart workspace - no communication overhead.
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Ninox runs on all your devices - with and without internet connectivity.
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By drag & drop, you can create forms, views and graphs without any limitations. Make it a perfect fit for your business.


It Runs On All Your Devices

The Database Solution will run on all your devices and it is all in the cloud. Simply open your web browser and start collaborating.
Ninox Cloud runs on any device with a web browser:
- Real-time syncing
- Accessible from anywhere
- Runs on Windows, Mac, iOS, Android
- Build world-class database apps in your browser







Here Are Some Solutions and Templates
We Can Build You Custom Solutions As Well


An essential part of business success is building lasting relationships. Keeping these relationships strong takes time and requires the right insights about your contacts.
Use this template to collect information and manage your contacts in your own online app. Add categories for the type of business or personal contact (supplier, customer, employee, partners), industry, company and even add a personal touch on their birthday by sending them a custom email directly from the database or make a call from Ninox. This template includes a complete address history. Multiple phone numbers, emails, postal addresses can be added for each contact to help to sort your contacts in the cloud. You can even import your contacts from Mac and iOS address book. 
Take this template to the next level and build your own CRM tool - customized to your needs.


ninoxss9.pngIf your occupation is connected with appointments and meetings, this template is for you. There are so many different meetings with so many different people and you need to find the right time and place for all of them. Sometimes it is tough to take into account all the details that are necessary, especially when it comes to changing and cancelling bookings.
Ninox software will help you with scheduling your appointments and meetings and fixing the time and date for them. Moreover, all of them will appear in the calendar. You will be able to create meeting reports and to define to-do lists to follow up. 
Having a system allows you to keep track of past interactions with your clients and potential customers. You can use this app to structure your approach to customer relationship management and sales processes.
This template can be used by office managers and personal assistants for organizing and planning their agenda, but can also be used by lawyers or doctors to manage their appointments.


 Imagine you are an event organizer. You need to keep track of so many things:
Have all the invitations been sent to the right people?
Do we have the approval?
Were all conditions taken into account in order to meet needs of the guests?
Ninox software can also be used for event management and planning all of your events online and offline.
With the Ninox platform you can:
Create a global list with members or people to be invited.
Track the invitation status of each member for a specific event.
Automatically calculate the number of attendees.
The event planning app will be suitable for Event Managers, Receptionists and even party makers who need the right tool to stay organized. No matter which type of event you are organizing, all your records will be neat and safe within the system. There are also possibilities for synchronization, so all of your Events will show up on the calendar.

Custom CRM

ninoxss11.pngDo you feel that your CRM solution has too much overhead? Do you lose time because the functions you need for your daily routine are somewhere hidden in the trunk?
Start building your own custom CRM or have one built for you that perfectly fits your needs. Optimize your workflow and save dozens of hours of your precious time to focus on what really matters: your clients.




ninoxss12.pngYou made your first sale, signed your first contract, successfully provided your services for the first time - everything looks great. Your new business is headed in the right direction.
Now you need to translate your work into business language - invoicing. This is the first step in providing your company with the nutritious cash inflow that keeps it going. This easy invoice template that you can customize, lets you organize all your customers and billing-related information. You can add VAT, multiple currencies and products, keep track of your outstanding invoices, in other words, make it your own. You can even generate receipts for each payment. 
This template also includes a ready-to-use print layout for invoices. Design it with our flexible print layout editor and add your own logo. You will save time with these features: print your invoice and send it to your client or save all of the invoices and send them to your accountant.
Now analyze your sales with a graph view and grow your small business or freelance job into a thriving company.



ninoxss13.pngIf you are a freelancer or an employer you will want to know how productive your working hours are. Get this template to easily track time and cost. Organize your workforce, sign in and sign out. Calculate wages with given hourly wages. Mark holidays and weekends. Ninox allows for complex filtering.
Monthly overviews and costs per employee are included. Easy data visualization. Calendar view. Overtime Compensation. Create your app with this highly flexible and customizable template.




ninoxss14.pngFor business or even for personal projects, the road from idea to final result is long and one of the most important parts of a favorable outcome. Whether you just want a simple task list with some specialized fields or a full-blown project portfolio management: Ninox gives you complete freedom.
This template is designed to give you a head start on your own project management app. It involves three layers: Projects, Sub Projects and Tasks and it comes with pre-configured aggregations to give you an overview about the current project status. Invite your team to create your project management app that matches your working style for an efficient collaboration.
Work online with your team through Ninox Cloud and make your project a win.
Team Plans
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cloud-database.pngNinox Private Cloud Plan
Get a dedicated server or install Ninox on your company's network

Billed annually


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